Anyone else shocked that no one in Trenton apparently has any idea how much money will be saved because of casino “re-regulation,” how the savings will be counted and audited and how the money will actually get to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to fund the new Tourism District?

I’m sure shocked. But none of us should be. The Christie administration, more than others, doesn’t seem to do details. That comes later, much later, apparently.

What’s important is the bombast: Eliminating most of the Casino Control Commission’s functions and laying off most of its staff will save $30 million that can be used to fund the Tourism District! Or is it $25 million? $15 million? All those numbers were thrown around.

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But they have no freakin’ idea. And you’d think that’s something Gov. Chris Christie and legislative leaders would have nailed down before now.

Or maybe all of the CRDA’s revenue will now go to Atlantic City, right? Christie has said that several times. Most recently when he was in town to sign the casino-regulation and Tourism District bills. “The history of CRDA sending money that was generated in Atlantic City all over the state, in my view a sad history, is over,” the big guy said.

Except that where CRDA spends its money is determined by a formula set by state statute. So where’s the new legislation recasting CRDA and redirecting its revenue to Atlantic City? If one is in the works, it hasn’t made it to the Legislature’s website yet.

Details, details ...

Yeah, the governor deserves some credit for going to bat for Atlantic City. But the lack of attention to crucial details is disappointing.

And don’t tell me that is all being worked on now. Christie couldn't have said the things he said about this legislation unless these details were already known. But they weren’t known. Which means, as he so often does, he was just blowing smoke.




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