Unlike some people, I don't think the "Boardwalk Empire" façade on the Boardwalk is lame. It's cute. And nearly every time I run by it, someone is having their photo taken in front of it. People seem to like it.

But it is in the wrong sport on the Boardwalk.

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It's too small for the space, which does make it look kinda sad. I can understand the point of putting in front of the West Hall. That's a desolate stretch of Boardwalk that needs some dressing up. But this doesn't do it.

My suggestion: Move the "Boardwalk Empire" façade to the section of Boardwalk in front of the old Marlborough Blenheim (now part of Bally's), where the new, life-sized Monopoly board is. People seem to like that, too, and the Monopoly thing and the "Boardwalk Empire" façade would go together nicely and really fill that space in an effective way. People will be all over both attractions, getting their pictures taken.

I realize that after all the work Pinky Kravitz did to get the façade up, and after Drew Katz of Interstate Outdoor Advertising provided the men and the materials to put up the façade, it's probably not going anywhere soon.

But it wouldn't be that big of a job. You could probably reuse much of the lumber now holding it up ... and it sure would look and work a lot better in front of Bally's.




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