I really don’t want to be yet one more voice railing against New Jersey’s pedestrian law, but ...

I don’t object to the law in theory. When it works, when pedestrians carefully step into a crosswalk and sensibly wait to see if the cars will stop and let them pass, as the law requires drivers to do ... and when the cars actually do stop ... it’s all kind of nice. The pedestrian gives a little wave, the motorist nods, and everyone had a nice little social interchange.

But this is Joisey — and that’s not how it works in practice.

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Here, pedestrians too often have chips on their shoulders and step arrogantly and boldly and foolishly into the crosswalks, virtually daring drivers to stop. And too many motorists, also with their Joisey chips on their shoulders, refuse to even consider stopping — and usually curse at the pedestrian as they drive by. Or wave with their middle fingers.

But the worst ... the most insane ... are the pedestrians pushing baby carriages who stick the carriage — with the kid inside — right out into traffic because, after all, the cars are supposed to stop.

Are you people nuts?

Whatever you do, no matter how strongly you feel about “pedestrian rights,” put your own damn lives on the line, not your children’s: Don’t lead with the kids!

Got it?

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