“Atlantic City needs to be fixed. It’s not a safe city. Right now, people don’t want to go to Atlantic City because it’s not safe.”

So sayeth one Adam Steinberg, an independent gaming analyst.

I love these Wall Street guys. Adam, when was the last time you were in Atlantic City?

Yeah, there’s crime in Atlantic City — a good amount of it. But something like 99.9 percent of it is the same drug-related, black-on-black crime that, sadly, occurs all over the country. Even in Manhattan, Adam.

But crimes against visitors and gamblers are rare. Serious crime on the Boardwalk is even rarer.

I don’t know what it takes to become “an independent gaming analyst,” but I do know that these guys pretty much get to say stuff right off the top of their heads, and no one challenges them on it.

OK, that makes ’em a lot like bloggers.

But the problem is, some folks listen to people like Steinberg.

Adam, I offer you the same invitation I’ve offered before to Wall Street types who have said similar things:

Drive down the parkway. Come and visit. I’ll show you around. Maybe you can join me on a Boardwalk run or a bike ride, if that’s your thing. And I promise — really, I promise — you won’t get mugged.