Ah, the war on Christmas has begun — at least in the minds of those who believe this myth as much as they believe the myth about the holiday itself. The letters have already started to come in. All it takes for some is to see the words “holiday” or “Xmas” on a sign — and there it is, proof that “political correctness” is busy taking Christ out of Christmas.

Folks, there is no war on Christmas. There is a “war” (although that’s a lousy word for it) on behalf of reason and inclusiveness. But no war on Christmas. You are as free today as you have ever been to celebrate this holiday in your heart, in your mind, in your home, in the public square, for that matter.

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Furthermore, no one I know is offended by you celebrating it. I’m Jewish, which means I know a whole lot of Jews. And I don’t know one — not one — who would be offended by someone saying “Merry Christmas” to him. Nor do I know any Jew who insists on saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” because he is at war with Christmas. He just might not know what holiday you celebrate.

Which brings me to what the defenders of Christmas in this great “war” never seem to understand:

Psst ... listen now ... I’ll say it softly ... we now live in a very diverse nation where people come from all kinds of traditions and religions and celebrate all kinds of different holidays. And that — along with the First Amendment — is why the only celebration of Christmas that is offensive is when it is done by our public institutions like schools or governments, which have no business celebrating any religious holiday. Sorry, but we are not now (and have never been) “a Christian nation.” We are nation dedicated to the proposition that religion has no place in government. And that has nothing to do with any mythical war on Christmas.



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