So the governor finally said it. Tom Carver is out as the head of the new super-CRDA. That's a shame. If you were starting the process from scratch right now, Carver is the kind of guy you would look for. He's smart, knows where the levers and buttons are that get things done in Atlantic City, and he's always had a charming ability to tell people the things they don't want to hear. That's crucial.

Now we'll probably get some new guy from North Jersey. That's what all the business schools would tell Gov. Chris Christie to do. Bring in an outsider, your own guy, to run the Tourism District. But Atlantic City isn't business school ... it's Chinatown.

And while the new guy will certainly have his head (and his wallet) in the game, he won't be one of us. His heart won't be in it. He'll know that at some point, he'll be moving on.

Carver was once an outsider (and still may be in the sense that I don't think he lives here).

But he got Atlantic City. And it isn't an easy place to get.