... At least that's what this firefighter says. He asked me to post it, so here you go:

1st, we must keep the families in prayer. My comment is ACFD related. The projected layoff number was 30, months prior to multiple retirements at every rank. This changed the F.D. budget & table of organization numbers. A Deputy or Battalion chief's salary = 2 F.F.'s, was there a meeting with the city to re-evaluate the layoff numbers? ( Greed also plays a part ) We make good money, seniority & grandfather clause is our security. The new and/or young F.F.'s don't have that, but they do have us. Are we a brotherhood, or are those cliché words of hypocrisy? If we truly cared about the layoffs, why didn't we negotiate a raise cut for a year or two, combined with use of attrition and other possibilities? Employees working for municipalities 3 to 4 times larger than A.C., as well as teachers, re-negotiated and gave back to save jobs. We can't change past administrative fiscal mismanagement, but we could have been more proactive for our brother & sister F.F.'s. ( And from this day ), vote people into office based on ability and competence, not family, friendship or hidden agenda of gain!!!!

A True Brother F.F.