Daniel Bryan pulled off one of the most historic events to ever happen on Monday Night Raw on March 10. Bryan took his “Yes Movement” to a new level, forcing Triple H to accept his challenge to a match at Wrestlemania XXX on April 6 in New Orleans.

Bryan was forced to apologize to Triple H for kicking him in the head last week, prompting him to be Pedigreed by Triple H at the conclusion of Raw. Bryan didn’t apologize, but instead made Triple H’s life even more miserable. Bryan refused to leave the ring, and vowed he would get what he wanted from The Authority by the end of the night.

Many other superstars have used this tactic before. They have set up chairs in the ring, sat with their legs crossed in the ring, or even attacked anyone who came down to the ring in an attempt to get the show going. Bryan used a new tactic, a tactic never before seen in the WWE: He occupied Raw. About a hundred people wearing the same “Yes” shirt Bryan had one climbed into the ring or surrounded it, chanted “Yes” and refused to leave until The Authority came out.

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the unruly mob, and proceeded to insult them and remind them who owned the ring, the arena and the WWE Universe. After a failed attempt by a two-man security as well as the next competitor, Damien Sandow, to somehow get through the crowd to continue the show, Triple H accepted Bryan’s challenge at Mania.

Triple H thought it was all done and began to walk to the back, but Bryan remembered that there was more to his demands. If Bryan were to beat Triple H at Wrestlemania, he would be added into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, turning it into a triple threat match with Batista and the champion Randy Orton. An angry Triple H charged the ring, but was stopped short by security. Security carried Triple H as he fired off into the microphone that he accepted the challenge and would end Bryan at Mania.

On this past Monday’s Raw, fans anxiously awaited how Triple H would respond. At the start of the show, he showed his frustrations with Batista and Randy Orton’s bickering, telling them that if he beats Bryan at Mania, he will wrestle in the triple threat. Triple H called Bryan to the ring for a man-to-man chat, and it ended pretty much the way you would expect any “chat” would in the WWE.

Stephanie McMahon, who was upset Triple H said he “respected” Bryan’s guts, brought out the cops. After the arrested Bryan, Triple H climbed into the ring to confess that they weren’t actually real cops. Triple H set up Bryan, and with him defenseless, the Cerebral Assassin went to work on Bryan.

Triple H destroyed the outside area of the ring with Bryan’s body, slamming him into the barricade and onto the announce table. Triple H then smashed Bryan’s head between the ring post and a steel chair. He capped the assault off with a thunderous pedigree that left Bryan motionless in the ring. On Raw’s Backstage Pass, Bryan was showed being taken away in an ambulance.

With the last two weeks in the books, practically the entire WWE Universe is excited for Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania isn’t going to be so bad after all. And it proves that behind the scenes, Triple H really knows what he’s doing as far as leading WWE Creative into story lines to keep the fans interested.

Since Summer Slam, Bryan’s rise to being champion has been teased. He beat John Cena for the title before having it taken away from him. He then beat Orton before having it taken away again. Ever since then it’s been an uphill climb for Bryan.

Now Bryan is going to be a huge part of Wrestlemania, win or lose against Triple H. Though it wouldn’t be practical for Triple H to win this match, Bryan will find himself in a major match against an A+ player and one of the most iconic superstars in WWE history. Triple H knows that the online fans are weary of him winning and that he would never put someone like Bryan over. With him putting himself in the title picture, it intensifies the fanbase’s concerns, which will make the outcome of his match against Bryan a lot less predictable.

This current feud between Bryan and Triple H, which has spanned back to last summer, parallels another rivalry that defined the greatest era in WWE history: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. For the past eight months, Bryan has been chasing the title much like Austin chased the title with McMahon and The Rock 15 years ago. It’s the perfect boss vs disgruntled employee storyline and it has garnered the strongest reaction from WWE fans in a very long time. When Bryan was left out of the Royal Rumble, the internet exploded with angry fans. The “Yes Movement” has taken over shows.

Now, the light is at the end of the tunnel and Bryan will either leave Wrestlemania as the champion or WWE will pull the rug out from underneath everyone again. Either way, all eyes are on the WWE, and couple the fact it’s on the WWE Network, it will get the big reaction it wants. And that, my friends, is what’s best for business.

Power Rankings - The best performers of the past two weeks - March 17

1 Daniel Bryan (7) - Got his match at Mania, but was destroyed by Triple H.

2 Batista (2) - Cost Orton a victory the past two weeks.

3 The Usos (5) - Beat Ryback/Curtis Axel and lost to Real Americans.

4 Cesaro (6) - Earned the win over the Usos and got Real Americans back on track.

5 Bray Wyatt (3) - Has the upper hand on John Cena.

6 John Cena (10) - His feud with Wyatt is heating up.

7 The Shield (UR) - Went from nearly split to united in beating down Kane.

8 Sheamus (UR) - Kicked Christian through a bass drum and won on St. Patty’s.

9 Randy Orton (1) - His chances of leaving Mania as the champion are slim to none.

10 Big E (4) - Still the Intercontinental Champ.


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