John Cena and Brock Lesnar have lost a lot of sleep the past few weeks due to their opponents at Wrestlemania. It’s not that they can’t handle the in-ring ability of their foes, but it’s the fact both have gotten into the minds and psyche of each super star. Neither is having it worse than the other, but it’s fun to think who is better at playing mind games.

Brock Lesnar wanted to make an impact at Wrestlemania. He wanted a WWE World Heavyweight Championship shot, but instead got The Undertaker. Cena was hand-chosen as well, becoming the next victim of the Wyatt Family.

Undertaker and Bray Wyatt have a lot in common despite a two-decade gap in experience. They’re not just physical forces inside the ring. They have the ability to freak out their opponent heading into matches, giving them an early advantage before the bell even sounds.

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For over two decades, Undertaker has made his mark on the WWE. He’s shown inhuman ability when he first debuted, being powered by an urn carried by the late Paul Bearer. Then he had to exercise his own demons when he faced his half-brother Kane, leading him into his darkest era of evil when he fronted the Ministry of Darkness.

Undertaker’s rebirth as the American Badass began the evolution process and maturity of his persona as the WWE shifted gears. Now he is back to being the Dead Man, and he has ultimately achieved the healthy balance between a badass and pure evil.

Three weeks ago, Brock Lesnar stood in the middle of the ring with Paul Heyman. They were not granted a WWE title match at Mania with Randy Orton and Batista already set (this coming prior to the involvement of Daniel Bryan and Triple H). Instead, they were handed a contract to wrestle any match they wanted, which Heyman and Lesnar said no thanks to. As they were leaving the ring, Undertaker’s gong tolled.

Taker, cloaked in darkness, came to the ring to approach Lesnar. Lesnar forced a pen into Taker’s hand to sign for the match, and Taker stabbed Lesnar through the hand with the pen before choke slamming him through the table.

The match was set and Taker’s mind games were on. With Lesnar insisting he is going to end the streak and isn’t afraid of Undertaker, those declarations came into doubt the last two weeks. On Main Event two weeks ago, Paul Heyman was in the ring delivering a message to Undertaker. Undertaker appeared out of nowhere, choking Heyman while delivering a message in return to Lesnar.

This past Monday on Raw, Undertaker brought more chills to the ring. At the end of the show, Lesnar challenged Taker to a fight. Taker’s music hit and a group of druids walked down to the ring with a casket. Lesnar was hesitant to open it at first, showing obvious fear and cautiousness as he approached the casket. Lesnar opened the casket to find it empty, and slammed it shut after threatening the druids.

With Lesnar back in the ring, the casket door swung open. Lying inside was Undertaker, who sat up and climbed into the ring. Taker and Lesnar traded blows, and resulted in Taker disposing of Lesnar from the ring, throwing him over the casket.

The patient, calculating mind games of the Undertaker have added to the mystique of his character for over two decades. His use of darkness, black light, fog and pyrotechnics have scared the living hell out of his opponents. His in-ring work is nearly as impressive, boasting an unmatched 21-0 streak at Wrestlemania.

But how much of Undertaker’s superhuman ability is left? The last five years, Undertaker has been taken to task by Shawn Michaels, Triple H and CM Punk. He has shown vulnerability each time, and has no longer looked as dominant as he once was. But the one thing that has remained is his inability to die. And that is what scares Lesnar the most.

Bray Wyatt doesn’t need to be immortal to scare John Cena. Bray Wyatt just needs to be real. Wyatt and his family members, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, have made it their mission to bring truth back to the WWE. 

Wyatt is a god, as he put it to Cena a few weeks ago. “If you look up to me, you will see a friend. If you look down at me, you will see an enemy. But if you look me square in the eyes, you will see a god.”

Cena is a super hero. Hustle, loyalty and respect have been the three words Cena has preached to his fans for a decade. Cena even looks like a super hero with his perfectly sculpted physique, clean shaven face and Marine hair cut. Bray Wyatt is the opposite. Long hair, a beard, and a Louisiana wardrobe that only the insane would wear. Wyatt doesn’t wrestle, he brawls. And he will relentlessly brawl with Cena until Cena can’t fight anymore.

Wyatt’s relentless style in the ring matches his relentless assault of Cena’s mental state. Wyatt has already made it known he is willing to interrupt any match or any broadcast with his message or with an assault from Rowan and Harper. And when you have two goons like Rowan and Harper, it enhances how intimidating you really are.

Harper looks like he hasn’t changed his clothes in months, and Rowan’s ginger beard and battered lamb mask on top of his 6-foot-8 frame will scare any man into an asylum. They’re Wyatt’s two henchmen, a pair of vicious dogs he sicks on the rest of the WWE while he maniacally laughs in his rocking chair, barking orders for them to destroy their opponents in the ring.

At Elimination Chamber, the Wyatt's attacked Cena, costing him a shot at the World Heavyweight title and a spot in Wrestlemania. Ever since then, the Wyatt Family has been making Cena paranoid. They insulted him and the immortal Hulk Hogan and they've relentlessly attacked Cena at random times. Cena has even had to wrestle Harper with the Wyatt's breaking down his neck, which played in Bray's advantage. This past Monday, they tied Cena's arms up with the ropes and put Rowan's sheep mask on Cena.

At Wrestlemania, Lesnar's and Cena's nightmares will come true. They will face the monsters who haunt them and they will lose. Undertaker and Wyatt have already successfully gotten in the heads of Lesnar and Cena, which perhaps means the match is already won.

Power Rankings - The best performers of the past week - March 24

1 Batista (2) - Speared Orton and has the champ afraid of losing his title.

2 Bray Wyatt (5) - He is completely in Cena's head.

3 Undertaker (UR) - The Phenom is back and Lesnar has doubts.

4 The Shield (8) - They are united, a crowd favorite and will face Kane/Outlaws at Mania.

5 Triple H (UR) - Bryan is battered and his heel heat is off the charts.

6 Christian (UR) - Rebounded with a fatal fourway win for the No. 1 contender match with Big E for the Intercontinental belt.

7 The Usos (3) - Didn't wrestle but still the champs.

8 Cesaro (4) - Real Americans lost but he's still stronger than Swagger.

9 Daniel Bryan (1) - Took a much-needed week off.

10 Randy Orton (9) - Didn't have a great week, but the Authority likes him more than Batista.


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