WWE Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy claims to have woken this past Monday.

It’s here!

The “broken” gimmick is officially a part of the WWE. Ever since The Hardy Boyz made their surprise return at WrestleMania 33 this year, people have speculated if and when the gimmick that revived their careers would follow them.

In 2016, Matt Hardy boasted the most fun and innovative gimmick in pro wrestling with his broken persona. He dragged his brother, Jeff Hardy, into the fold, and it created some wrestling gold for TNA. He fought against spot moneky-ism, and sought out to delete his opponents in a great war. The gimmick goes deeper than that, it’s honestly too hard to explain, but it’s a lot of fun.

So here we are, about a week or so removed from Hardy reaching his breaking point. After a match with Bray Wyatt last week, Hardy was shown in the ring going through a trance. The camera captured - and stayed on - Hardy doing his patented delete chant. The crowd played along and WWE’s social media played along.

For the past week, Hardy has tweeted this new “woken” persona and debuted it at Live Events. This past Monday, Hardy interrupted a Wyatt segment with the new character and it received thunderous reactions from the live crowd and internet fans.

First off, this gimmick saves Hardy as a singles competitor. When Jeff went down with an injury a couple months ago, I was worried Matt would be stuck as a nostalgia act and not really have any direction. We’ve seen it happen with the return of the Dudley Boyz in the past, and the debuts of Gallows and Anderson. WWE loses interest in a new toy fast and it can kill all momentum.

Having this gimmick will also save himself. As a singles competitor, a lot gets stressed on in-ring performance to carry a guy who doesn’t stand out in other ways. Others have developed a gimmick to hide their deficiencies (looking at you, Enzo Amore). Hardy’s body has deteriorated with his bad hips, and it’s really noticeable when he’s in one-on-one situations. In a tag match, it’s hidden with Jeff’s high-flying abilities. So this gimmick will do wonders for hiding those deficiencies again.

Lastly, Monday’s segment with Bray Wyatt was some of the best work the Eater of Worlds has done since his feud with Randy Orton. I am excited to see two out-of-the-ordinary talkers go at it on the mic. Hopefully we can get some freaky stuff moving forward that will help his character in the long run.

Hardy is here to save us and I will gladly be a soldier in his great war.

Weekly power rankings

The top superstars on WWE’s four major shows

Monday Night Raw (Dec. 4)

  1. Brock Lesnar (1)
  2. Roman Reigns (4)
  3. Braun Strowman (2)
  4. Samoa Joe (3)
  5. Finn Balor (5)
  6. Sheamus & Cesaro (6)
  7. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins (7)
  8. Kane (8)
  9. Alexa Bliss (9)
  10. The Miz (10)

On the bubble: Elias, Paige.

SmackDown Live (Dec. 5)

  1. A.J. Styles (1)
  2. The Usos (2)
  3. Shinsuke Nakamura (4)
  4. Randy Orton (5)
  5. Kevin Owens (6)
  6. Sami Zayb (7)
  7. Baron Corbin (8)
  8. Jinder Mahal (3)
  9. Charlotte (9)
  10. Bobby Roode (10)

On the bubble: The New Day, Rusev & Aiden English, Chad Gable & Sheldon Benjamin.

NXT (Nov. 29)

  1. Andrade Almas (1)
  2. Adam Cole (2)
  3. Aleister Black (3)
  4. Roderick Strong (4)
  5. Ember Moon (5)
  6. Drew McIntyre (6)
  7. Authors of Pain (7)
  8. SAnitY (8)
  9. Velveteen Dream (9)
  10. Kairi Sane (10)

On the bubble: Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly, Lars Sullivan.

205 Live (Dec. 4)

  1. Enzo Amore (1)
  2. Rich Swann (6)
  3. Drew Gulak (UR)
  4. Kalisto (2)
  5. Akira Tozawa (3)
  6. Cedar Alexander (4)
  7. TJP (5)
  8. Mustafa Ali (7)
  9. The Brian Kendrick (8)
  10. Jack Gallagher (9)

Out: Gran Metalik (10)

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