Time starts flyin' and before you know it five days have gone by. But don't think the lack of posts hasn't meant nothing's going on. Take a look:

FRIDAY: After two 3.5-mile runs earlier in the week, I'm determined to stretch it out this morning ... for a sluggish four miles, bringing my weekly total to a whopping 11 miles. Of course, it's 11 more most weeks have been lately, so I'll take it as a win. As for the run itself? Well, sometimes it's just enought to log the miles and ignore the labored breathing, the achey knee and the knowledge that I've got a lot of work to do between now and Nov. 22's Philadelphia Marathon. ...

SATURDAY: MRI machines are loud, with their whirring, gnashing and grinding. And to mitigate this, they play nature sounds in the background. Birds chirping... it's such a nice sound... when you can actually hear it. The other thing about MRIs is how hard it is to keep still. Lying on a platform shortly after 7 a.m., I'm all-too-aware of the twitching of muscles as the machine does its thing. Of course, my leg tensed up, my quads spasming uncontrollably... It was the most uncomfortable 20 minutes in recent memory.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Walking to The Sneaker Shop in Ocean City to pick up a couple pair of socks (Like running shoes, I'm very particular about my socks. I prefer a Wright sock, double-layered, thank you). The folks there report they've been getting a bunch of people dropping off old shoes since we wrote about how they donate used shoes to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. Makes me remember the four pair stinking up my garage. Oops... maybe next time.

SUNDAY: Back to the scene of the crime. Almost a month to the day after crashing my knee into the side of the Nets 'n' Climbs, I'm back at Sesame Place with the family. Naturally, all my son wants to do is climb the nets. We gently steer him toward other rides, including two dizzying trips on Grover's World Twirl (or, teacups)... oh to be a kid again and unaware of the concept of dizzy.

MONDAY: Five miles, 39 minutes. Can't tell you how good it feels to type those stats. The mileage is my longest in a few weeks. The time is what it is, and what it is is better than my recent pacing. (And yes, I know a quick pace isn't anything, but compared to how I'd been running earlier this summer, recent runs have felt glacial.) Yeah, my knee ached throughout, but I managed it. Now, I'll start stretching it out again, little by little, and hope therapy exercises and stronger muscles help me deal with the discomfort.

TUESDAY: Today, no run, but session No. 2 of physical therapy. It's an hour of stretching, weights and activity meant to strengthen my knee and the muscles feeding into it. That means stretching my hamstrings and calves, and watching muscles just above my knee weakly shake as they tire. You think you're in shape and then you see something like that and realize running shape doesn't mean you're in shape.

2:50 P.M.: I'm flexing my knee now, and there's a little soreness to report, though not nearly the discomfort I've been feeling. The stretching seems to be doing its thing. If I'm smart about the next few weeks, 26.2 will still be within my grasp. Tomorrow: Another five miles...