Six weeks ago, I wondered if I'd be able to run the marathon at all given the pain in my knee. Four weeks before that, I was planning to obliterate my marathon personal best.

Today, I'm not where I'd like to be - it's much too late for that, with too much of a break needed for treatment and rehab of my right knee tendinitis. But I'm in good shape. The best part? Worrying about my knee no longer factors into the equation.

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Don't think it doesn't still hurt. It does, from time to time. But it's not constant. And it's not debilitating. It's just ... there. Like on yesterday's 20. It bothered me some, mostly when I exaggerated my stride to stretch out my muscles mid-run. Otherwise, it mostly kept to itself.

The important thing is to keep doing all of the exercises I learned while rehabbing. It's a struggle; there are mornings I just want to get out and run, but I try very hard to remember the pain and discouragement I felt a few weeks ago. They help me get stronger.

I still wear one of my braces, too, even though I probably don't need to. It's a little security blanket, sure, but I'll take it. I'll take anything, just so long as it doesn't involve a recurrence of the problem.

That would be bad. But it feels good to know I seem to have left it behind me.



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