This is more like it.

For the first time since early last month, I hit the road for a second straight day this morning, wearing a Cho-pat strip (a beige, cloth-covered strip that wraps around my leg below the knee ... you've seen it on basketball players) and heading off for a six-miler. For those keeping track at home, that's three runs in four days for a cumulative total of 19 miles. I'm back... Can't tell you how giddy that makes me feel.

Trick now, of course, will be not to overdo it. The plan is for a short run Wed. morning, a rest day Thursday and then a long run Friday morning to test things further.

A few weeks ago, I began wallowing in self-doubt, feeling an enormous amount of pressure. I didn't think I'd make it, that I didn't have the time or ability to run through what has become an annoying, ever-present issue. I know I won't feel 100 percent until after the marathon, when I've gotten a chance to rest for an extended period. But that's OK; I know I can do this now. I just have to build back into shape for it.