The good news: I can still run.

The bad news, if you want to call it that: It's probably going to hurt.

Back from the doc's, and this is what's up: I've got a new brace to work with, something that should stabilize the whole knee a bit better. I'll be embarking on physical therapy to help build strength in the knee. And later this week, probably, I'll be getting an MRI, just to make sure there's nothing wonky going on.

But more than anything else, Dr. Harary says I can keep running. There will likely be good days and bad days, runs where everything falls into place and others that are grinders. And the mileage might suffer some in the short term. But that's OK; it'll feel good to get back on the road with some semi-regularity.

It's going to test my mettle, though. What, exactly, can I tolerate? Don't know... but I'm about to find out.