So, I rocked a 16-miler this morning ... I know, yay, hurrah, streamers flying everywhere. But what I really want to talk about is running humor.

Specifically, last night's episode of "The Office." Midway through, with Jim (John Krasinski) telling the camera why he didn't involve Michael (Steve Carell) in a business proposal, he starts talking about how Michael is always trying to help. "He passed out Jello shots at mile 23 of the Steamtown Marathon."

Two things: Anyone who's run a marathon can imagine what one of those things will do to you that close to the finish. And two, the Steamtown Marathon does exist. Among its "Top 26 Reasons to Run The Steamtown Marathon":

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50 port-a-lavs at the start area - little to no waiting!; and

Lots of witty pre-race e-mails to keep you informed and entertained.

Seeing the scene unfold last night, and laughing in a way my wife did not, made me start thinking of other intersections of running and pop culture. Here are three that jumped to mind; I know there are more. What scenes/episodes make you giggle?

1. "Friends" - You know, the one with Phoebe running, arms and legs flapping in every direction. Kind of like Elaine's dance from "Seinfeld," only more ... mobile.

2. "The Office" - Michael organizes a fun run for members of the office. Thirty minutes of pure funny.

3. "Chariots of Fire" - Yes, it's inspiring. But. Come. On. The slow-mo? It's hysterical.

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