Had my last physical therapy appointment this morning. It felt... odd.

Don't get me wrong. I'm going to enjoy the three or four extra hours per week I'll get back. But there was a certain level of comfort in knowing if my knee felt balky, I was just a day or two away from a chance to get some rehab.

The therapy worked wonders. It taught me the proactive steps I need to take to keep myself strong and injury-free going forward. And there are several of the stretches and exercises I can do at home.

Still... a part of me worries that, barely more than a month away from the marathon, the end of this means I'm going to start to feel worse again. It's a silly thought, I know, but it lingers.

The only way to push it out, really, is to keep running, and prove myself wrong. Luckily, the next test is less than 12 hours away: 20 miles. ... I'll keep you posted.