I just rewatched the video attached to this entry, and it strikes me: I look like a TOOL when I run. All stiff and rigid, arms tight. It never feels like that while I'm doing it; I guess it's like listening to your voice on an answering machine...

No matter... Today I'm on the road. I'm always on the road. The good thing about running on the road is you can vary your mileage without enduring the same sights over... and over ... and over again.

I've got about a dozen routes I use depending on what the day's run calls for or what I'm in the mood to do. I've got short runs and long runs. If I've got a real long run, I'll combine two routes. It's like building a model train track: Endless possibilities.

I used to hop in the car to figure out how long these runs actually were. Thankfully, there are many Web sites out there that do it for you... my sites of choice are either mapmyrun.com or usatf.org/routes, the site for USA Track & Field. They're easy to use, and make determining distance a snap.

So yeah, I may look like an idiot while I'm logging mileage. But at least I know how far I'm going.