When I first got injured and stopped running, all I could think about was getting back at it. The prolonged layoff was hard to stomach.

Now that I'm back on a serious schedule, my first impulse is to run, run and run some more. It takes effort to take a breather.

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In the past, I haven't shied away from running seven days a week. In the future, I'm sure I'll do it again. For now, though, a little rest time is just what I need to navigate the next month and a half.

Because while my knee feels better, feels stronger, all the time, it does still hurt. Sure, it might be to a two or three on a scale of 10. But it's still there. The last thing I need is to watch my tendinitis get worse as Nov. 22's Philadelphia Marathon grows closer.

A couple of weeks ago, I thought for a day or two that my left knee was starting to get the tendinitis. So I let it rest for a day, and the stiffness that had me nervous dissipated.

It's not always easy for me to stop and do nothing. Some days, like today, I wake up feeling fresh and ready to go. But it's my day to recharge, and I have to abide by it.

I'm taking two or three days per week off at this point. I still do my stretching and other work, but it's a good time to take a step back and prepare for the next run, whenever that may be.


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