Another week begins with a little leftover business from the weekend...

1. Good thing I used an old pair of shoes for yesterday's rain-soaked run. Those suckers'll spend the week drying out...

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2. Caught "The Amazing Race" last night. Why is it that the players are constantly running? (And with such unique form, too.) Even to catch a plane they know they have tickets for? How much energy could they conserve if they took a breath and realized that hey, everyone's on the same flight and you ARE going to lose your lead. Get over it. And run when it makes sense to run.

3. Knee's feeling pretty good, but it gets cranky the morning after long runs, and if I push the pace. Say, like this morning's five, during which I practiced a finishing kick.

4. If you have a chance, check out the story by Gary Smith in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. It's about Bonnie Richardson, who won a Texas state track and field team title all by herself. Twice. A very cool read.

5. The curious thing about participating in Team In Training is that you sign up early to get cracking on your fundraising efforts, and then, about two months before your race of choice, you face a recommitment date. Basically, it's a chance to back out if fundraising has been a bear. Recommitment for the Philadelphia Marathon came last week. Only after I did that did I get a race application in the mail. It asks for basic info, including T-shirt size. Because every run you get a shirt, and it's one of the things I'm looking forward to, to see what the marathon has cooked up for gear.

It also asks for your anticipated finish time, offering 10-minute increments such as up to 3:10, 3:11 to 3:20 and so on. What'd I sign up for? Sorry, I'm not letting that home out of the bag just yet.

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