I'm at physical therapy and the staff is playing around with some of this funky tape that's supposed to be able to increase blood flow. You've seen it on basketball players, in their shoulders, and on U.S. Olympians like beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh. So they ask me if I want to try it out and say sure, because, hey, when you've already offered to write/blog/record your experience, what's a little guinea pig action?

So my knee is taped up, and can stay that way for two or three days, if it stays on that long. The way it was described to me was, the tape acts to lift up the skin, increasing blood flow to the area. It might even make the area feel cool.

And it does. It also grabs at the hair on my leg. I'm afraid I'll lose most of it whenever this stuff comes off, and won't that look oh-so attractive?

But hey... life's a contact sport, so what am I whining about?