Another setback this morning. But this time, IT'S NOT MY KNEE'S FAULT. ... It's been a good week, with a couple of five milers that didn't cause too much discomfort, and three physical therapy sessions that have showed what I need to do to get stronger and not backslide. ...

I was all ready to test it this morning, running 8 miles for the first time in more than a month, when the rains came. It's the first test of a few upcoming tests, benchmarks that will show how well the final two months before the marathon will go.

Now, I like the rain. And the temperature was pretty near perfect. The thunder and lightning? Not so much.

But it's just a momentary setback. At some point this weekend, I'll get that long run in. Pass that, and it'll be time to try running on consecutive days again. If that goes well, I can start rebuilding my mileage.

The trick is going to be not overdoing it. I said it at the outset of all this: Sometimes I feel like a world beater, and I push too hard, too fast; It's just the way I'm wired. Hopefully, my eyes won't get bigger than my stomach.