What happens after The Fight? If you caught "After Hours" last week, you know how awkward it seemed to be between Jenni and Sammi. There are diehard Red Sox and Yankee fans who feel more comfortable in a room together than these two. Did they even make eye contact? I couldn't tell you for sure.

It brings up an interesting situation. If they're friendship - if it can even be called that - is kaput, what does that mean for the rest of the house? Probably nothing, but it's interesting to think about how the house would split ... when not wondering if Situation's lack of practice time is going to mean an early exit from "Dancing With the Stars" later this month.

Team Jenni - You've got to put Snooki on this list right away. The two are thick as thieves, and nearly as scheming, as we saw with The Letter.

Team Sammi - Situation. Given the early season one coupling of Mike and Sammi, this one's a no-brainer.

Team Jenni - We'll say Vinny goes here. He's had some friction with Situation, and if we're picking sides the guess here is Jenni'd intimidate him more than Sammi would.

Team Sammi - Angelina. We know there's no way Jenni would take her on her side, even if that's where Angelina wanted to be. Besides, she and Sammi seemed to bond last week as Sammi finally got some confirmation on who wrote The Letter, thanks to some expressive eye rolling from Ang.

Team Jenni - By default, this is where Ronnie ends up... provided he and Sammi are truly through. And you know what? I'm not sure I'll ever buy that. But if they are, Sam's not letting him near her, which leaves RonRon to hang with the two (Jenni and Snooks) who made his life miserable in the first place.

Team Sammi - This leaves Pauly, who joins Team Sammi, although it's not as clear-cut a choice as you'd think. He's got a good relationship with everyone in the house, and he and Jenni have always had something of a bond going all the way back to the series pilot when they first started flirting together. But at the end of the day, Team Sammi has Situation, and that's Pauly's boy. Can't go against your best bud.

What do you think? If they had to take sides, how do you think it would shake out? Sound off in the comments, then come back tomorrow for one big question I've got heading into episode seven.

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