You want to know where Season Two is getting it's juice from? (And no, it's not the RonRon Juice we're talkin' 'bout) Look no further than the X chromosome set.

Sure, Ronnie's gotten many of the headlines with his lyin', cheatin' and livin' it up on South Beach. But it's the women of "Jersey Shore" - every one of them - that has propelled this season along. If Season One was the season of The Situation (and few could argue it wasn't), Season Two is definitely shaping up to be the year of Grrrrrl Power. As the "Jersey Shore" Mid-Season Spectacular comes to a close, let's take a look at how each of the women of the house have been a driving force this year. Because they've each played a key role; not a Vinny among them.

Angelina - If she had a theme song, it would be "The Bitch is Back." Early this season they might as well have called it "Jersey Shore: Angelina's World" she so dominated the action. After leaving the house in Seaside Heights early in the first season, it's no wonder producers invited her along to Miami. Add in a bit of apparent trash talking behind other roommates backs in the aftermath of the debut season, and tensions ran high as she made her triumphant return. She was hoping to blend in seamlessly, but one look at Jenni's face as she saw Angelina for the first time said it all: Are you kidding me? We have to deal with her again?

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The fireworks just got brighter from there, with Angelina finding no love from any of the women, nor from Ronnie or Vinny. It was left to Pauly and Situation to provide Angelina's only link to the house, and she even managed to torch that in one drunken debacle of a night. If you can make Pauly mad enough to start screaming, you've got a great talent for alienation. Even after she receded into the background, you can see Angelina coming back strong; she's the source of the confrontation that led Sammi and Jenni to get it on - not like that - last week. And in previews for Thursday's new episode, she's shown kissing Vinny (Vinny who, in the course of a few short weeks has rocketed to the top of the list of house hookups; gonna have to update that blog post...). Any way you slice it, Angelina's been a force this season. And she's not even the dominant female...

Jenni - ... That would be one J-Woww, Warrior Princess, ready to throw down with anything that moves if the timing is right. We saw glimpses of this Jenni last season, especially when she went after Situation while the group was staying at the Tropicana in A.C. But this season, she's pulling multiple strings. If she's not sticking up for Pauly and threatening to beat the crap out of Angelina, she's sticking by Snooki through thick and thin, because the duo are best buds, you know. Not so Jenni and Sammi, leading to the farce that has been The Letter and its aftermath. Snooki did the typing, but whose idea was it? Jenni's. For all those who want to know how NOT to deal with a sensitive situation? Examine Jenni's handling of Sammi's Ronnie problem very carefully. For however much truth Jenni speaks, her handling of it - and subsequent lying about it - was botched. It was only a matter of time before tensions boiled over - after all, can you blame Jenni for being sick of the drama? I can't - it was just surprising it was Sammi who felt Jenni's wrath. Can't wait to see how this one wraps up.

Sammi - Sammi's season-long arc had been pretty simple. Pine over Ronnie, cuddle with Ronnie, hate Ronnie, feel confused about Ronnie, get used by Ronnie, cut ties with Ronnie, return to Ronnie, Rinse, Repeat. Until last week. That's when The Letter came to the fore. Sammi became the fool. But at least she was a wise fool. And very untrusting. You know something's wrong when Situation is giving you advice. And not just that, it's sensible advice. Crazy. Now we're seeing Sammi do something we haven't ever seen before. She's asserting herself. She's been burned by a relationship gone sour (on national TV, no less) and she's baring all the raw emotion that comes with it. She's also taking back her life in the house. She clearly doesn't care about much at this point, which made her fight with Jenni a bit easier to understand. In the "After Hours" segment last week, she says she held her own in her first fight. Can't wait to see how.

Snooki - Raise your hand if you saw Snooki being the quietest of the girls this season? Like a kinder, gentler Situation, I just didn't see it happening. And yet here we are, and Snooks, while good for some comic relief (spilling dinner, buying the blingy sunglasses, riffing on Obama and spray tans), hasn't dominated like you'd think she would. And still she's had more moments than Vinny, Pauly and maybe even Situation. She's gone through her own long-distance breakup. She's taken solace in her friendship with Jenni. She's shown how entertaining grocery shopping can be. She's vowed to start living it up. She played a key role in writing The Letter, then agonized over telling Sammi about it. Oh, and she GOT IT ON with Vinny. Twice. ... The mind boggles. That's a pretty full time in Miami ... it says something about the other four that they've been that much more dominant. Maybe that'll change as the season charges to its end...

There you have it, the grand finale of our Mid-Season Spectacular. What's your favorite moment of the second season so far? Can it get even more heated/decadent/outlandish? Come back tomorrow when we'll start looking forward to Thursday's all new episode of "Jersey Shore."

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