Well, here we go. Another new episode of "Jersey Shore" is mere hours away, and judging from the previews, Situation breaks out a few moves tonight.

But those aren't the moves we're here to discuss today. No, Kristin at eonline.com reports it's a done deal that our own Mike Sorrentino will be among the contestants on next season's "Dancing With the Stars."

ABC makes the official announcement of the upcoming season's cast Monday night. But let's assume it's true. A Situation on "Dancing" bodes very well for Mike, and the show.

Let's face it: It may be fantastic editing, but Situation can be quite the charmer when he wants to be. Show off a little of that side to a much wider audience that "Jersey Shore" is going to bring in (holding steady with another 5.5 million viewers last week, that's likely the show's plateau). Win fans of "Dancing" over, and Situation's segue out of MTV reality land gets much easier.

Because it's one thing to play a stiff on "Bones." It's another to open yourself up to the scrutiny "Dancing" invites.

The former may have fallen through for Situation, but the latter could be a career maker. Or, at the very least, a career prolonger. Toss that in with the workout video, the book, the supplement and whatever else Mike has in store, and he's poised to ride this wave of popularity for as long as it will allow him to.

One word of advice, though: Don't get greedy. Also known as NBCitis, as in running popular shows into the ground with supersized episodes and explosive hype impossible to sustain.

There is another alternative to the "Dancing" your way to career longevity. There is the very real possibility that, introduced to a wider audience, Mike could fall flat on his face. Maybe not literally. But the great thing about "Dancing" is it lets the public do the voting. A Situation bumped in episode one could serve as a referendum on his long-term prospects.

In the event that should happen, at least he'll always have the Shore. Season four, after all, can't be too far away.

What do you think of Situation possibly joining the ranks of "Dancing With the Stars"? Sound off in the comments, then come back later tonight for a recap of tonight's craziness.

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