'Jersey Shore' Situation
'Jersey Shore' Situation

It's official. Mike Sorrentino will be hoofin' it this fall on "Dancing With the Stars." He'll join the likes of Florence Henderson, Michael Bolton and Margaret Cho on the upcoming season of "Dancing," which gets started Sept. 20 That means for a few weeks you'll be able to get double your Situation fix each week, since new eps of "Jersey Shore" should continue into early October.

This also got me to thinking about what other reality series the "Shore" mates might have a future on, once the cash-cow that is "Jersey Shore" rides off into the sunset. Check it out, then share your ideas.

Ronnie: "Cops" ... Too easy a joke to make? Yeah, too easy... 

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Angelina: "Bridezillas" ... 'Nuff said.

Mike: "The Next Food Network Star" ... Sausage and peppers, meatballs, steak, seafood. Situation is almost as comfy in the kitchen as he is perfecting the GTL life. You know, if the whole "Dancing" gig doesn't work out.

Jenni: "Project Runway" ... She's already got the fashion line, why not go toe-to-toe with Tim Gunn?

Personally, I'd pay to see any one of them on "The Apprentice." Can you imagine Trump getting his hands on this group? Not sure they'd make it through the first week.

Vinny: "Last Comic Standing" ... He's usually good for a quip or two, plus he's got that go-go eyebrow raise when he's trying to insinuate something. That's gotta be worth a chuckle ... somewhere.

Snooki: Poor Schnooks has got "Bachelorette" written all over her. The unlucky in love half-pint's dates would be legendary.

Ronnie: "Cheaters." ... Still too easy? Nah...

One series you won't see any of them on: "Survivor." Can you imagine? For a crew accustomed to the GTL life ... no way. I mean, Pauly would go into shock 30 seconds into the first night at camp.

What reality shows do you think the "Jersey Shore" eight should jump to? Sound off in the comments.

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