'Jersey Shore' Situation
'Jersey Shore' Situation

I have always had a soft spot for the Magic 8 Ball. Why? I don’t know ... it just seems more fun than a Ouija board.

A few years ago, I even used one to pick the NCAA basketball tournament. It was not a hoops fan.

So when it came time to cover “Jersey Shore” this season, I figured — what the heck — let’s give it another chance to prove itself. And so was born the Magic 8 Ball question of the week.

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But how has the silly black orb fared through the season’s first half? Let’s take a look and see as our “Jersey Shore” Mid-Season Spectacular continues.

Week 1:Is Ronnie going to cram two seasons worth of creeping into one South Beach orgy of excess?

Answer: Yes Definitely.

The 8 Ball started off strong, totally nailing the early season Creepiness oozing from RonRon’s every pore. The 8 Ball even when beyond a simple Yes for a Yes Definitely, emphasizing the point that we’ve got one bad boy on the loose in Miami.

Week 2: Never mind the season, can Angelina survive the next week in Miami?

Answer: Yes.

Little did we know that the return of Angelina, while providing a few early season shots of drama, would cause barely a ripple in the house. I think everyone can be in agreement that she’s the house outcast, existing solely to be tolerated and little more. Still, you could be excused for wondering if she’d bail on season two as she did season one. Naturally, she’s stuck around, and continued to be a pest to most all the housemates to one degree or another.

Week 3: Tell us, Magic 8 Ball, can Mike recapture his boorish ways?

Answer: As I See It Yes.

The 8 Ball goes three-for-three with this pick. It took a couple of more episodes, but Mike bagged a chick, snagged girls for Pauly and Vinny, and managed to placate a “hippopotamus” all in the season’s fifth frame. Not bad work in an episode in which he also had a classic Situation rant, directed at Angelina. It’s never dull when Situation is on the loose, although his antics have been more measured this season.

Week 4: Oh, Magic 8 Ball, can we do anything to move past all this Sam and Ron drama?

Answer: Outlook Not So Good.

I’m coming to the sad realization that SamRon fallout will continue as long as “Jersey Shore” is on the air. Even the Sammi-Jenni steel cage match this week was fueled by Jenni’s letter writing to out Ronnie’s bad behavior. I think, like any good family tree, when the dust settles at the end of the season/series, the genesis of much of the drama between characters will likely be able to be traced back to the union of Sammi and Ronnie.

Week 5: Magic 8 Ball, This week was so good, do we dare hope for next week to top it?

Answer: Outlook Not So Good."

Not a great question, I’ll admit. But after the greatness of “The Letter” episode — Snooki back on the prowl, Sammi ending it with Ronnie for good, Situation back to being a major playa — this week’s was bound to disappoint. By my count, that makes the 8 Ball five-for-five.

Week 6: Oh Magic 8 Ball, will Jenni and Sammi's friendship survive this week's cat fight?

Answer: Don't Count On It

It’s too soon to evaluate this one; we can do that later this season. And we will. But with a perfect record so far, why would you doubt in the Magic 8 Ball. The Magic 8 Ball, come to find out, is a major “Jersey Shore” fan.

Coming tomorrow on our Mid-Season Spectacular: How the boys have been boys.

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