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Of all the developments in last night's episode, the one I might be most jazzed about is the apparent rebirth of Snooki, after attempting to reconcile with, then dumping, her dearest Emilio (all in what apparently was a 30-second phone call. Whatevs.)

To recap: Emilio cheated on Snooki, but was man enough to fess up to Snooks by phone. (Normally, that would be enough to end things, but thanks to SamRon we know how love can be blind.) Fast forward a week, and Snooks and Jenni have been out partying with a bevy of gay men. They return home, Snooki decides to call Emilio and give him a second chance. She starts to share the greatness that was her night; Emilio's not down with that; they argue; she says he's dead to her and hangs up. Phone rings. She picks it up, and immediately disconnects the call.

(Am I the only one who'd rather have seen the duck phone at this point. Ringing is one thing. Quacking another entirely. Would've pierced the pathos.)

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Snooki is sad. "If any person in this house deserves someone to treat her with respect, it's Nicole," Jenni says, against a shot of the two walking down the street - literally, and embracing in the middle of a turn lane ... they should make bumper stickers: Honk if you're ... for "Jersey Shore!" "It really, really breaks my heart knowing what this girl is going through right now." Aw, Jenni, you big softie. Can't throw that kind of understanding Sammi or Angelina's way, but your girl Snooks is something different entirely.

So, we've established that Snooki is sad. Cue the big house dinner, where everyone notices her mood, which leads to the following exchange:

Snooki: "Tomorrow..."

Someone: "We love you Snooks..."

Snooki: "...It's on. Like Donkey Kong. ..."

Mike: "Oooooohhhhhhhh (expletive)!"

Snooki: "I'm going out."

Angelina: "Single?"

Snooki: Nods her head while chewing a mouthful of food.

Ronnie: "Single Snooks? Watch out, Miami."

Watching live, it was the stuff of movie trailers: "She thought she'd found happiness. Then she knew nothing but pain. This fall, Miami pays... Nicole Polizzi stars in ... ‘Snooki's Revenge' ..."

To this point, Snooks has been pretty tame, presumably trying to be a good girl while juggling a long-distance relationship. No more. Like Emilio's pictures melodramatically going up in flames, so too may that chaste (yes, I know it's all relative) version of Snooki in Miami.

Things could get interesting.

What do you think about Snooki's heartache and vow to start livin' it up? Think she'll do it, or like Sammi backslide into bad habits and boyfriends?

Tomorrow: Check out the weekly poll to chime in on what you thought was the best part of this week's episode.


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