'Jersey Shore' Ronnie
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Judging by the off-screen headlines, the third season of "Jersey Shore" is shaping up to be a corker?

Trouble is, it's also beginning to sound more and more like an episode of "Cops."

Earlier this summer, it was Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi who got nabbed for disorderly conduct while on the Seaside Heights beach. This weekend, it was Ronnie Magro's turn, arrested for warrants involving unpaid parking tickets.

Never mind that he was released a little while later. Or, that this was apparently just a matter of unpaid fines. The fact is that this makes two seasons out of three that Ronnie has spent some quality time with the police (unless there's something we haven't yet seen from the group's Miami field trip). Two-for-three is a good night when your playing for the Red Sox. It is not the kind of average you want when talking about an arrest to TV season ratio.

Does this point to a larger problem for the "Jersey Shore" cast. If they where total unknowns a year ago when filming the first season of "Jersey Shore," and semi-unknowns heading into filming in Miami, they are bonafide MTV stars this time around. They can't say boo without someone catching it. This is good if you're trying to goose ratings. But averaging five million eyeballs each week says to me they don't need the extra attention.

Maybe Snooki was still celebrating the season two premiere when she was arrested. Perhaps Ronnie's check got lost in the mail, and his arrest was but a simple misunderstanding. We most assuredly will find out during season three, whenever it airs. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find both run-ins with the law to be the cliffhanger at the end of an episode.

I'd also watch out if I were Jenni. (Or Vinny, or Sammi, etc.) It could be you next.

What do you think? Are these brushes with the law only going to hurt or help the show? Let us know in the comments.

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