What we learned going into tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," titled "Girls Like That":

1. There are only three new episodes left this season. To which regular viewers say "awwww." And the rest of us say "finally!";

2. If R2D2 were human, had long dark hair and grew breasts, its name would be Snooki. Catch how she and best bud Ryder - she of the pre-flight drinking ritual - communicate in bips, boops and beeps? And still they seemed to make more sense than most of what goes on in the "Shore" mates Miami abode;

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3. When you blindly throw someone's shoes off the roof of your house in a bustling city, you CAN NOT be surprised when you nail a parked vehicle, triggering its alarm. So next time, Angelina, take all of your possessions with you.

With that out of the way, her are a couple more quick thoughts about tonight's episode.

Situation in a funk:

As the episode comes to an end, Mike is serving as the ultimate buzzkill, like water to dilute the alcohol. What's this trying to round up the crew and bug the club before everyone's ready, just because you're ready to jet? What, you all HAVE to take the same cab to and from the clubs every night? Rumor has it you all make a few grand an ep; I think you might be able to afford the fares.

Still, Mike's boorish behavior is a secret to no one. Even Pauly's kind of calling out the Sour Situation for his attitude. When that happens, you know it's bad. Makes me wonder about when this episode was shot. Was it, perhaps, when our Sitch had a few entertainment irons in the fire earlier this year? I can't remember exactly when he was courted to appear on Fox's "Bones" (more on that below), but it could be that this was the time that acting debut was thwarted. If so, it could explain his displeasure at this point. Of course, it could just be getting fed up with living in the house. I don't care if you're in Hawaii, live in the same house with the same people long enough and you'll be ready to get off the island.

Maybe Angelina had the right idea.

Speaking of Ang...

Ding-dong, the Bitch is bounced; all is well now:

At least, that's how Snooki felt, as she tried to play peacemaker between herself, Sammi and Jenni. Ever since The Letter, and the subsequent blow up between Sammi and Jenni, relations between the ladies have been decidedly frosty. Well, now that Angelina's gone (Hello, scapegoat!), Snooks sees an opening to bring the ladies back together.

And how did that go? Um... let's just say the Hatfields and McCoys at the worst got along better than Jenni and Sammi sitting silently on the living room couch. Those grudging apologies were impressive in their insincerity. Really. But you've got to respect Snooki for seeing an opening and trying to weave a peace between the three, even if it is as flimsy as her and Jenni's attempt to save Charlie the Lobster.

(R.I.P. Charlie... you never had a chance in a house where Snooki and Ryder - rather incredulously, wouldn't you say? - can't mix a drink...)

Which brings us to quick thought No. 3, and involves the headline for this entry. What's that, you say? You don't remember the quote: "Eureka! A group of guidos!"

Well, unless you were watching Fox at 8 p.m., you wouldn't. That's because it comes from tonight's episode of "Bones." And no, I'm not branching out on the blog. Tonight was the series' "Jersey Shore" homage, and if you didn't watch it, you should. You'll be entertained. It should re-air on TNT soon, maybe next week. Check it out...

Watching an actual episode of "Jersey Shore" so soon after the send up, you realize how on-the-money this episode, which featured Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) investigating the death of a guido on the Jersey shore, is. Clearly, someone in the writer's room is a "Jersey Shore" fan.

"Jersey Shore" lexicon terms referenced in the episode: guido, GTL, grenade, juicehead. Definitely truth in its humor. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

And, as a bonus, one "Jersey Shore" commercial break featured a promo for next week's "South Park," which, naturally, looks to be lampooning everyone's favorite MTV program. Can't wait.

Also can't wait to dig deeper into tonight's episode, which I'll do tomorrow late morning or early afternoon. Look for it, when I'll dive a bit more into Mike's new, unsavory personality, the return of Snooki's pal Ryder and the one "Shore" mate more than any other who should be sad about Angelina's departure.


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