'Jersey Shore' Snooki J-Woww
Jenni, left, and Snooki MTV photo

Most of the time, I approach 10 o'clock Thursdays a bit like visiting the dentist. Or folding laundry.

A necessary evil.

Not tonight, baby.

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Could there be a more perfect hour of television? I can't see how. We got:

The boys getting it on with a trio of women;

The return of Snooki, party mistress of hell;

A glimpse of season one, screaming-at-the-top-of-her-lungs Angelina;

A mega family meal;

And, oh, a little bit of Sammi finally -- FINALLY -- growing a pair.

My full recap will come as soon as I can untangle the swirl of thoughts ricocheting off the sides of my sleep-deprived brain, but for now, here are three thoughts:

Jenni is supremely confident in her ability to deflect any storm that comes her way. Seriously? Sammi's going to ask you point blank if you wrote The Letter, and you can coolly deny? I wouldn't want to meet her in a back alley. Or a front sidewalk for that matter.

Ron is a bully. The more I think about it, the more I think The Creeper is messed in the head. Did you see how  he blocked Sammi's path from her room, and got up in her grill in confrontation? Scary dude, that Ron-Ron.

Snooks is on the loose. Emilio-Emilio-Emilio. Thank you. Thank you and your homophobic rantings for giving us our Snooki back. Or so she's promised. Stay tuned.

Stay tuned, also, for a full recap, coming later tonight, followed by even more thoughts about tonight's episode and a ratings report late tomorrow. Usually, I'm sitting around wracking my brain to come up with stuff to write about.

Not tonight.


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