I suppose it was too much to ask for Snooki to put in an appearance in court today. Maybe she couldn't find anyone to cover her shift at the Shirt Shack.

Instead, it was up to her lawyer to enter not-guilty pleas on her behalf.

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As we all know, Snooki -- real name Nicole Polizzi -- was arrested last month and charged with disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance. Then, in the Associated Press account of today's proceedings, we find out Snooks will also be charged with annoying people at the beach.

(Uhhh... isn't that a bit redundant. Is there some sort of super secret level of annoyance that goes beyond the whole disorderly conduct, public nuisance thing? Or is that the court's way of saying, "We really don't like 'Jersey Shore'"?)

At any rate, Snooki's trial has been scheduled for Sept. 8. I think if filming on season three has concluded by then, she should stick around for a spin-off: Snooki's Adventures in the Legal System. If "Jersey Shore" snags five million viewers each week, MTV ought to be able to squeeze two or three mill out of that, right?

What do you think about Snooki's charges? Will it even get to court, or are you thinking things will be settled long before that point? Sound off in the comments.

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