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Jenni ‘J-Woww': Friend to the end ...

If you're name is Snooki.

For weeks we've been treated to soundbites of Jenni standing up for her sister in arms Sammi as she endures the tumult of Ronnie World. This came to a head in episode four - "We need to air it out. We'll go to a local place and we'll type an anonymous letter. ... That's a genius idea!" - and boiled over when Jenni placed The Letter for Sammi to find in Thursday's episode.

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"We both think it's a horrible idea," she says, presumably about writing the letter in the first place. "But as long as she knows she knows and can make her own decision."

My question is, and it applies to Snooki as well, is this: If you care about your "friend" Sammi so much, why can't you man up and talk to her woman to woman. I know, I know, you don't want to torch things with Ronnie, you don't want to disrupt the house. In the immortal words of Angelina in the opening credits, ‘Uh, HEELLLLOOOOO"... We've long known the boys won't rat out each other. And nobody believes Angelina would do it (although her attempts to stay above the fray were kind of pathetic - "what? What's going on?" Good thing she's not in season 3; that wouldn't have gone over well on repeated airings.). Of course, everyone's going to know it was you two.

But I think the tipping point in this whole thing, the point when any good Jenni was trying to accomplish crossed over to spinelessness, came when Sammi asked her and Snooki point blank if they had written The Letter. Let's watch her various reactions:

Jenni: "Did I what? Nooooo." ... "No, I didn't." ... "No, dude, I didn't write any letter."

All Sammi wanted was honesty, and maybe a chance to yell and vent. What she got was shivved.

Check that. She did get a slice of honesty, when Jenni looked at her and said: "If this happened - I wasn't there either occasion so I don't know -" nice back-pedaling, Jen, don't trip trying to cover your ass. "But if this happened and you go back to him, you're an idiot."

Jenni's right, of course. But she's not going to win any style points.

"I definitely feel I did my job as a girlfriend," Jenni says later. "If she can't be a woman enough to walk away from a guy who dogs her enough, then so be it."

The lesson we learned this week about Jenni is pretty simple. When it comes to Snooki, she'll run through a wall to protect her girlfriend. As for Sammi, well, lets just say friendship is such a fluid term. No wonder the two come to blows Thursday night.


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