'Jersey Shore' Situation
'Jersey Shore' Situation

Four girls. Two sides of the house. One Situation.

I love "Jersey Shore" math.

Usually, "Jersey Shore" gives us to previews, the one that airs after each new episode, plus an online preview. This week, both revolve around Mike Sorrentino and getting a couple of girls -- plus a couple more -- at the house. All of this leads into this week's two questions heading into tomorrow night's episode.

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Question No. 1: After a few weeks of relatively heavy melodrama courtesy of Sammi and Ron, do we have a welcome respite coming our way, thanks to the Situation?

God, I hope so.

And, since they're related, here we go with Question No. 2: What took them so long?

As I've written before, Situation's been oddly silent in the early going this year. I can't explain how happy I was to see these previews, with Situation scheming with his boys, Pauly and Vinny. Add one grenade to the mix -- a "hippopotamus," Mike's word, not ours -- and you've got a little 's' situation for big 'S' situation that should turn into great viewing for all of us "Jersey Shore" fans.

Because there should be only so much heavy drama we should have to endure. If this were "Lost" or "Rescue Me" or "Homicide," I'd be down with the drama. "Jersey Shore" is not "Lost" or "Rescue Me" or "Homicide."

We want frivolity on "Jersey Shore." I want to see Situation creeping. Not Ronnie; he's proven he's creepy doing it. (And, you know, Situation is a bit creepy to; for some reason, just not so much so.)

Granted, I wouldn't want my daughter to come within three and a half states of these guys. But for an hour tomorrow night, I'm hoping to be able to ignore the ongoing adventures of SamRon. Situation, don't let me down.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to a Situation on the prowl?

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