No matter what he does, Vincenzo can't seem to break out to Snooki or Mike-styled stardom. Of course, too many "Jersey Shore" superstars at one time might result in them all collapsing in on themselves (hey, stop all that cheering, haters).

But you can say this about Vinny. He's the go-to guy for one-liners, pretty quick on his feet in summing up the goings on in the "JS" house in at least a mildly entertaining fashion. The only one close is Pauly, no slouch in the quip department, although the jury's still out as to whether he's quick-witted or it just comes naturally.

Here then are some of Vinny's greatest hits.

1. "Even though the club is full with the Bronx Zoo, Mike and Pauly are roaming around and trying to scramble up whatever kind of girls they can and take them back to the house." -- Thursday

2. "Mike and Pauly would take home a stray dog if there were no girls left." -- Thursday

3. "I never had girls just run up to me like this before. And they were, like, all hot." - Season one, "What Happens in AC" ... We learned a valuable lesson this week, by the way, A.C. rocks it with hot chicks, while -- at least in whatever club the guys hit in "Creepin'" -- Miami does not. Perhaps not a universal truth, but we'll take it.

4. "Yo, Pauly D has a little situation on his hands. She's definitely a Stage-5 clinger." - Season one, "One Shot" This is when Pauly is going 'round and 'round with one girl who borderline stalked him. Good times.

5. "My uncles want me to just come here and bang anything. But I kind of want better-quality girls." - Season two, "Goin' South" ... Nothing like family to put things in the proper perspective.

What are your favorite Vinny moments? Sound off in the comments, then come back tomorrow for a look at the new and improved Situation, and why we want the old one back.

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