OK, we know the following:

1. Angelina's gone.

2. The previews of next week's episode have Mike on the prowl, ticking off several of his housemates in the process.

3. On "Jersey Shore After Hours" Thursday night, any disagreement between the "Shore" mates must have been forgotten, as Jenni, Vinny, Snooki and Mike all ganged up on Angelina, going so far as to leave the set rather than spend another minute with Staten Island's least popular woman.

So ... the odds of anyone else leaving the house are slim and none. But it's still fun to think about. So that's what we'll do here with the weekly poll. If someone else were to be booted from Decadence Isle, aka South Beach, who would you like it to be?

Let us know, then come back later this weekend for more "Jersey Shore" goodness before I explain Monday what Ronnie and I have in common.