Welcome to Cape-Atlantic League bracketology!

The CAL boys basketball tournament begins Feb. 15.

Eight teams qualify. The top two teams in each of the three divisions plus two wild card teams.

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The league has yet to announce how it’s going to seed the teams, so I created a few rules.

I’ll use three criteria:

  1. Overall body of work
  2. Head-to-head results
  3. Power points earned only against CAL teams. I’ll keep calculating power points earned against CAL teams  until the field is finalized.
  4. To be considered for one of the two wild card spots, teams must be at least .500 in their division.


Here’s what I have so far (Keep in mind all this can change. There are still big games to play like tonight’s St. Augustine vs. Atlantic City contest):

Atlantic City (14-1); St. Augustine Prep (15-1) and Middle Township (13-3) are clearly the top-three seeds.

Right now Atlantic City is the No. 1 seed.

St. Augustine currently has 359 power points in the CAL compared to Middle with 318.

So we’ll go St. Augustine at No. 2 and Middle at No. 3.

Hammonton (15-4) earns a wild card berth and is the No. 4 seed. The Blue Devils own a big 58-55 win over Holy Spirit.

Now the No.  5 seed. I am going to go with Wildwood Catholic, slightly ahead of No. 6 Holy Spirit.

The Crusaders beat Rancocas Valley and Holy Spirit lost to Rancocas at home. But these two seedings can change. Wildwood Catholic has a big game Saturday against Absegami at the Battle by the Bay. A win, and the Crusaders solidify their spot. A loss, and I would move Holy Spirit, which has beaten Absegami twice, to No. 5.

Sacred Heart is the No. 7 seed.

Now for the final spot. Egg Harbor Township is the No. 8 seed. The Eagles edge is their early-season win over Hammonton. But EHT faces a big game tonight with Absegami, which is on the bubble.

Absegami (7-8) could put itself in position to earn a spot in the tournament with wins over EHT tonight and Wildwood Catholic on Saturday.

So here is what we have right now.


  1. Atlantic City (14-1)
  2. St. Augustine Prep (15-1)
  3. Middle Township (13-3)
  4. Hammonton (15-4)
  5. Wildwood Catholic (14-3)
  6. Holy Spirit (11-6)
  7. Sacred Heart (11-7)
  8. Egg Harbor Township (9-7)

On the bubble: Absegami (7-8); Cedar Creek (12-6).


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