St. Joseph (6-0) stands No. 1 in The Press Elite 11.

But lately I received some calls and emails suggesting the Wildcats shouldn't be No. 1 because their schedule is not as tough as the one played by a Group IV school.

How does one measure strength of schedule?

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One way is the power point system, which awards points based partly on opponent's enrollment and wins.

Here's the how the Elite 11 would look if we ranked teams based on the average number of power points earned per contest. We did it that because at this point some teams have played six games and some seven.

1. Williamstown 19.2

2. Timber Creek 18.7

3. Southern Regional 17.3

4. Hammonton 16.8

5. Pennsauken 16.5

6. Millville 16.0

7. Haddonfield and  Camden Catholic both with 15.5

9. Washington Township 14

10. Pennsville 13.7

11. St. Joe and Triton 13.3

Here's what the current Elite 11 looks like

1. St. Joe

2. Williamstown

3. Timber Creek

4. Hammonton

5. Haddonfield

6. Millville

7. Southern Regional

8. Camden Catholic

9. Pennsauken

10. Holy Spirit

11. Washington Township


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