I photographed a portrait recently of a couple affected by Hurricane Sandy. Someone commented to me that they thought it was a good photo but it was posed. Here’s how the photo was made. I had arranged to photograph the couple for a feature on people dealing with the aftereffects of the storm. Brenda, her husband, Rich, and myself were standing by a large pile of their belongings outside of their building which had been flooded. Brenda is a musician and she held her trumpet, which was saved from the flooding. An electrical inspector was inside the building about to give them news about the state of their place. There was a chair in the rubble that Brenda said used to be one of her favorites and I asked if we could use that as a focal point for the image. I photographed them with a long lens to compress all the elements and give some distance between us. After I told them I was finished she put her head on her husband’s shoulder. Tired, sad, together. I made another few frames. It was a moment I could not have posed.

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