Nastassia Davis is a talented and creative fellow-photographer that is using her art to benefit young people. The commercial, wedding and sometimes news photographer for The Press of Atlantic City, lives in Atlantic City. For the second year, Nastassia conducted a workshop for young people at the Atlantic City library that uses photography, specifically light painting, as a vehicle to bolster self-esteem. “They were to think about positive words to inspire or characteristics they felt described themselves best,” she wrote in her blog to describe the workshop. If you’re not familiar with painting with light it’s a process I always associate with the great photographs of artist Pablo Picasso made by Gjon Mili for Life Magazine in 1949. In a darkened room a camera is set on a tripod and the shutter opened. The subject uses a small light source, like a flashlight, and draws in the darkness. The results can range from wildly abstract forms to swirls and streaks to letters drawn by the light. I experimented with it when I was studying photography and saw the images of Picasso. It’s fun and can be wildly creative. I dabbled with it using film and had to wait to see the results after the film was processed. With digital photography we now have the ability to see the results immediately. It’s great seeing an artist like Nastassia volunteering and donating her talents in such a rewarding way. Check out her blog at