I bet everyone has been in the situation where you’re at an event and would like to shoot video, but the still images are equally important. I juggled video and still cameras for several graduations, weddings, concerts, and so on. You often end up with shaky video and missing photos you wish you would have captured. This is especially true in news photography. Video has become so important for our audience but we still need great still images. I was not a fan of capturing still frames from video. Images taken from video were never as clear as those that could be made with a still camera. But improvements in the quality of video and apps that allow you to look through almost every frame of a video and capture it have changed my mind. I’ve shot several assignments using only video and took out still frames for the printed page that were just as good as if they were shot with a still camera. There are several apps for smart phones, some free, that allow you to view video frame by frame and capture great still images. Video 2 Photo, StillShot and Video Snap Free are three apps for smartphones. I have had the most success with Video 2 Photo. I included an example here from a mummer’s performance that I wanted to capture the sound and still images. If you’re using a dv video camera there are other options like Final Cut or Quicktime. I use Mpeg Streamclip, which is a free download and allows you to choose the size of the captured still.