Casey James is going to have plenty of time to personally answer all of the text messages he said he has neglected recently. Because on Wednesday night, the American Idol voters voted for what I have been saying for most of the season was inevitable - a Lee DeWyze/Crystal Bowersox final.

But dry those eyes ladies, your sweet Casey will be just fine. He will make a great living playing the southern rock/blues tunes that he was born to play. He will be happy and, according to him, he's single. When he said that on Wednesday night's results show, I practically had to nail my front door closed to keep my wife from sprinting out of it and all the way to Los Angeles to track him down. I'm actually surprised that she just didn't run through the door anyway, leaving behind a life-sized hole of herself. So it's my lucky day, I guess.

As for what will happen next week...

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Well, until Wednesday night I really never "rooted" for any of the Top 24 to win. But I will admit that early in Hollywood Week, I was cheering for the girl who once starred on Barney & Friends and showed up for her audition in a dominatrix outfit. I mean, that's just great television.

But now, however, I am solely rooting for DeWyze to win.

Why? You may ask.

The answer can be found in the video footage of the Idol contestants' trips home and the explanations the contestants gave for what those trips meant to them.

While DeWyze and James broke down in tears while visiting their former workplaces, elementary schools and - for James - the doctors that saved his life. Bowersox was shown toying with fans (very classy) and bragging about how a song she wrote is the "anthem" for her hometown. I looked up Toledo to see if this was true, but all I could find was that Klinger from M*A*S*H was from there. Sorry Crystal.

You may think I'm reading into things. That I am imagining signs that she is becoming a spoiled diva. And that she is still as carefree as the glowing young lady who sang "Piece of My Heart" during the Chicago auditions.

But I must remind you, this is the same Crystal Bowersox who nearly walked off the show several weeks back during a temper tantrum that she had, and then single-handedly fueled tabloid headlines by text messaging nasty remarks about Ryan Seacrest, who was the one who kept her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

Now, let me ask you this...

After watching Lee DeWyze get choked up while performing "The Boxer" in his home town with his parents looking on and singing along with him word for word, does this former paint salesman seem like the type of person to walk away from the biggest opportunity of his life? Of course not.

When the Top 24 were announced, I wrote in this blog that I didn't think DeWyze deserved to be there. And, honestly, I don't think he thought he deserved to be there either. But as the weeks went on, his confidence grew and his performances got better because of it. Bowersox, meanwhile, seems to have peaked and become a bit arrogant.

And as for some of the comments that I've read online - both from fans and other Idol bloggers - claiming that DeWyze is the "least-qualified" of the contestants, and that the Idol producers pushed him through to the finals... you're nuts!

It's not the Idol producers sending him through each week, it's the fans. After he performed "Hallelujah" on Tuesday night, I was inundated by people telling me that the performance gave them "chills." And when I asked what they thought of the other performances, most said "They were OK" or asked me "What songs did they sing again?".

These critics have to realize that music is all about emotion and about the reaction people have to the performer. And you don't have to be "qualified" (whatever that is supposed to mean in a music competition featuring only amateurs) for this to happen. All they have to do is perform their song in tune, on tempo and make it seem meaningful.

DeWyze is the only contestant this season - aside from Casey James' rendition of "Jealous Guy" - who did that. From the powerful "Na, Na, Na, NaNaNaNa" chorus of "Hey Jude" that he belted out during Lennon/McCartney week to the soft falsetto he used at one point during "Hallelujah" on Tuesday night, DeWyze has provided viewers with nothing but raw and honest emotion week in and week out. 

That's why I'm rooting for him. That's why American Idol fans are rooting for him. And that's why his parents clearly could not be any prouder of him.

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