Have you even been right about something, but wish you had been wrong?

That is how I felt when Didi Benami was sent packing Wednesday night.

I nailed my "locks" for the Bottom 3 and correctly predicted that Benami - one of my early favorites - would get sent home.

But with that correct prediction, the American Idol voters proved, yet again, that they can't be trusted to even watch grass grow - let alone correctly decide who should get sent home.

Benami's performance on Tuesday night was one of her weaker ones and she has not come close to reaching her potential, but Tim Urban is clearly the weakest Idol contestant and has been for some time.

I get it - he's good looking kid and has that "Aw shucks" kind of personality that makes teenage girls go nuts.

But in a singing competition with millions of dollars and a life-altering opportunity on the line, Urban is better suited to carry Benami's mic stand to the stage - not defeat her on it.

For a brief moment at the end of the show, after Benami knocked Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" out of the park, again, I thought that the judges were going to save her. The crowd was chanting for it to happen, and Simon hesitated just enough to make me think it was actually a possibility.

But it was not to be.

I was not only disappointed that she was not saved, but I was also saddened that someone as talented as Benami - who was clearly being inspired to compete by something that she did not want broadcast to America - was getting sent home, while Urban will have the chance to take the Idol stage and look dumb-struck for another week, at least.

And to make things worse, we were forced to sit through overly theatric and overly auto-tuned performances by Usher and Puff Daddy... I mean, P. Diddy... Oops I meant Diddy... OK, whatever his name is (For the record: Sean John Combs was introduced as Diddy Dirty Money on Wednesday night). Both of these artists are talented enough that they shouldn't have to resort to these cheap tricks, but they did anyway.

Instead of showing the Idol finalists - and the Idol voters, for that matter - how amazing a real "live" performance can be, they illustrated one of music industry's most disturbing trends when it comes to pop music - the watering down of talent for the sake of selling records with lights, fog machines, background dancers and fake vocals.

The three Idol contestants who I feel are going to be in the most trouble next week are Urban, Katie Stevens (who was in her second-consecutive Bottom 3 on Wednesday night), and Andrew Garcia. But if Garcia can have another performance like he did this week, then all bets are off.