It is a great day and we have American Idol and, surprisingly, its voters to thank for it.

Tim Urban... aka Teflon Tim... aka Turban... aka the season's weakest link and the bottom dweller on my power rankings was finally sent home!

It was something I've been begging for since the Top 24 first performed and it finally happened on "Idol Gives Back" week.

"Idol Gives Back" heard my pleas and made it so... now I'm going to push my luck and talk to Santa about that XBOX 360 I'm still waiting for.

And true to form, Urban smiled after getting eliminated. And he could be the first contestant in history to actually be shown celebrating on stage following his elimination, as he pumped both his fists in the air and cheered while his "retrospective" was playing.

I didn't mind that though, especially when the Idol producers allowed the show to end - about 30 minutes late - without having to hear Urban sing again.

Urban's elimination aside, Wednesday's show was an important one. Because say what you will, American Idol haters - this show does a lot for charity.

The star-studded, three-venue event featured stars from the Black Eyed Peas to President Barack Obama and Elton John to Willis from "Diff'rent Strokes." (I could swear I spotted Todd Bridges in the audience of the Pasadena location. Unfortunately, Gary Coleman was nowhere to be seen).

As the show progressed we were shown heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story. Like the Kenyan father who lost both his wife and unborn baby to malaria. Or the 7-year-old girl with full-blown AIDS in Africa whose mother died from the disease and only weighs as much as an average 1 year old.

Then we were shown some of the positive things that "Idol Gives Back" can do for children and families in need, like providing food to the hungry, mosquito nets to malaria-stricken nations, education to the extremely poor and access to health care for those who otherwise could not afford it.

And the stars explained that many of these could be provided for as little as a $10 donation. I know times are tough right now and money is tight for most people. But if they're right and $10 can save, or at least improve, a child's life - then everyone who can spare $10, should do so.

To donate by credit card call 1-877-IDOL-AID, text IDOL to 20222 to make a $10 donation or go to for more information.

Unfortunately Wednesday night's episode was not without its disappointments, as Casey James - who is easily the third or fourth best performer left in the competition - ended up in the Bottom 3.

I blame this on the judges for judging the contestants against their potential and past performances instead of against the other contestants. The panel praised Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly for taking risks on songs on Tuesday night, but the songs were terrible. And even after admitting that Urban had an off week, they actually complimented him for being better than he was in the beginning of the season But when they got to James, they bashed him for not being as "great" as he "could" be.

I know he has the stage presence of a log, but vocally and musically he is head and shoulders above Kelly, Magnus and Urban.

But with that being said, I'm predicting that Magnus, Kelly and, yes, James will be in the Bottom 3 next week. Michael Lynche has some momentum following his near elimination and Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze are the clear favorites.