When Crystal Bowersox gets the worst critiques from the American Idol judges, it is a sign that the rest of the contestants stepped up their game.

And unfortunately, one of the best contestants could be going home because of it.

Lee DeWyze opened Shania Twain Week by knocking her Grammy Award-winning hit "You're Still The One" out of the proverbial park. The gorgeous brunette (Twain) gave my favorite contestant (DeWyze) the advice I wanted to see from him last week when she told him to start the song off slower and softer. As I predicted, the decision was a huge success and helped DeWyze come through with the best performance of the night. I just hope the lead-off spot doesn't hurt DeWyze with the voters.

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Michael Lynche followed by resorting back to using his falsetto in the beginning and end of "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" like he did a few times - to much praise - with songs earlier this season. The result: "Big Mike" made another woman cry. During Week 3, he made Kara bawl with his cover of Maxwell's "This Woman's Work." On Tuesday night it was Twain crying. Not because he ruined her song, but rather because she liked it so much. The only thing that could hurt Lynche with voters is that Simon called his performance "wet," which in Simon Speak apparently means "girly." Looking at this former collegiate football player, I don't get that impression at all. Though I would like Lynche to stop starting all of his performances by singing on the steps, like he's in a play.

Casey James had is second best performance of the season Tuesday night, with a fresh take on Twain's "Don't!" I hate it when the Idol contestants prop themselves up on that little stage behind the judges' table - there's a huge stage up there... so don't try to make your performance seem more important that it is, use it. But even though James squatted on a stool behind the judges, his near-perfect performance "should" be more than enough to get him through to next week. The only time James was better this season was a few weeks ago with his cover of John Lennon's "Jealous Guy."

Bowersox is not in trouble, but her cover of "No One Needs To Know" did get the worst response for the judges. It wasn't that her performance was bad, it was that the judges didn't like it as much as her other performances. The impressionable voters might not realize this, but I think she's built up enough of a fan base to keep her safe from elimination.

The two weakest remaining contestants - Aaron Kelly and Siobhan Magnus - closed out the show with covers of "You've Got A Way" and "Any Man of Mine," respectively.

Kelly is my least favorite contestant remaining and, despite an improved performance, he somehow managed to get cheesier Tuesday night. Even sitting on a stool couldn't keep him from slouching into that annoying stance he has, and would someone please tell me why he was singing a love song to his mother?

And after having a terrible performance with "When You Believe" last week, Magnus resorted to screaming at the end of her performance again. It fooled the judges - except Simon who said it sounded like she was "giving birth." But it did not fool me. The performance was mediocre at best.

Before I give my locks for this week, I'd like to take a minute to plead with Randy Jackson to stop booing Simon at the beginning of every show. It's not that I feel bad for Simon. It's that it wasn't funny the first time Randy did it, yet he does it every show. Some weeks, it sounds like he is the only person booing. And not only did he boo this week, he whipped out two thumbs down. Come on Randy. You claim to be such a cool guy, but you're coming across more like someone who gets their lunch money stolen from them everyday. And I'm not even complaining about your seemingly compulsive overuse of: "dog," "pitchy," "yo," and "check it out" - yet. So stop booing before you make anymore of a fool out of yourself.

Now on to my locks. The Bottom 3 "should" be Kelly, Magnus, and Lynche, with Magnus going home.

But keep an eye out for either James or Lynche to get eliminated due to the judges' over-the-top praises Kelly and Lynche.


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