I went two out of three on my "locks" for the Bottom 3 and, thanks to the American Idol voters, I correctly predicted that Siobhan Magnus would get eliminated.

Magnus's performances steadily went downhill following her well-received covers of "House of the Rising Sun," "Think," and "Paint It Black" in consecutive weeks. She has an amazing set of pipes, I just think that she has to really start understanding what parts of her voice sound the best and which ones don't sound as flattering. It would also help if she didn't look so creepy when she sings into the camera.

But while I am more than happy to gloat about the recent roll I am on, the last few eliminations - as always - will be the hardest to predict due the competition getting better and, of course, how unpredictable the American Idol voters can be. Because even though Ellen gave them credit Wednesday night by saying they're not fickle, the voters are usually exactly that.

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Three examples: Chris Daughtry. Adam Lambert. Jennifer Hudson.

Daughtry finished fourth behind Taylor Hicks in Season 5, but went on to have the debut album for his band, Daughtry, sell more than 5 million copies, compared to the roughly 703,000 that Hicks sold with his self-titled debut. And on a side note, Kellie Pickler's debut album, "Small Town Girl," also outsold Hicks' by more than 110,000 copies. She finished sixth that season.

Lambert finished second to Kris Allen last year, but his debut album, "For Your Entertainment," has more than tripled Allen's debut effort in sales. And, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, Lambert is a regular on red carpets and magazine covers, while Allen is getting most of his exposure from pitching Ford automobiles.

And Hudson? After finishing seventh in Season 3, she has since sold more than 1 million records and has, well... won an Academy Award. And while that season‘s winner, Fantasia Barrino, had her debut album certified double platinum, the second-place finisher from that season, Diana DiGarmo, couldn't even sell 200,000 copies of her debut, "Blue Skies."

So one of the final five contestants will inevitably get sent home before a lesser contestant. And considering the David Archuleta-type voting base that Aaron Kelly seems to have, it could easily be more than a couple of them.

Keep a lookout for Casey James, Michael Lynche and Kelly to be in the Bottom 3 next week. And, judging how the votes went this week, James and Lynche will have to pull off one of their best performances of the season to keep from being eliminated.

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