The American Idol voters were tasked with making the largest cut in the show's history this week, as 11 contestants were sent packing to narrow the field to 13.

And unlike this year's judges, the unpredictable Idol voters surprisingly got most of their choices right.

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And your friendly local American Idol blogger also didn't do too shabby... I got 10 out of 13 of my picks right, including nine of my Top 10 picks making it to the finals.

The lone exception was Lauren Turner, who nailed her cover of Etta James' "Seven Day Fool" on Wednesday night, but admittedly did not have the look or voice to pose any real threat in the competition. I just thought that J. Lo comparing her to Bette Midler would have earned her some early votes from older viewers.

I'm like the "Carnac the Magnificent" of American Idol.

And for that, I get... well... to call myself "The Carnac the Magnificent of American Idol," I guess. Hey, it's better than nothing.

I tried to get my wife to refer to me as that after Thursday night's two-hour results show ended, but she just sighed and walked out of the room. She didn't say "no" though, so there's still hope.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the female contestants put on a great showing Wednesday night. So even though Turner, Julia Zorrilla, and Kendra Chantelle did not advance to the finals as I predicted, I was not disappointed.

There is one female contestant - Thia Megia - who probably didn't deserve to make it to the finals. But I don't see her making it to the Top 10, so all is good.

And I know that none of the Idol contestants performed with instruments this week, but I still think that Zorrilla and Tim Halperin would have been a threat to win the entire competition if they would have been able to, because it is clearly their strong suit. Zorrilla even admitted Thursday night that she had a bad performance and thought she could've done better with her guitar. If the Idol producers did anything to prohibit the use of instruments this week, that is not fair to any of the contestants or viewers.

Thursday night's episode also marked the last time we will be forced to watch a trio of wretched performers:

- Clint Jun Gamboa: When he started crying - before even getting told that he didn't make the Top 10 - I wanted to throw my television set out the window. But when he was eliminated, I wanted to find a way to give everyone who voted against him a shiny penny. Then Ryan Seacrest said that there were more than 40 million votes cast this week, so I settled for just being happy instead.

- Jordan Dorsey: My wife was tired of his arrogance and melodrama. And I was tired of her yelling at the television every time he came on the screen.

- Brett Loewenstern: Referred to himself as a "rainbow cookie with frosting and designs" on Thursday night... enough said.

Next week we're back to two nights of episodes - Wednesday and Thursday - as the contestants are scheduled to be eliminated one at a time from here on out.

And as long as J. Lo doesn't force any more self promotion on us - like she did by making the Idol producers show the video for her latest single "On The Floor" on Thursday - this terribly drawn out season might actually end some time before the next ice age.


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