Ok, so I was wrong.

I gave the American Idol voters a little more credit than I should have when I predicted that they would send the weakest performer - Thia Megia - home.

But, alas, she wasn't even the Bottom 3.

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Makes sense... she wouldn't be the best singer in a room by herself, yet she isn't in the Bottom 3?

Don't get me wrong, there was an argument for each of the three women who were in the Bottom 3 - Ashthon Jones, Karen Rodriguez, and Haley Reinhart - to be there. But Megia had no business even making it through Hollywood Week. After this result, I fear that she will be this season's Tim Urban or - heaven help us - Sanjaya.

And what lessons did we learn Thursday night boys and girls?

- Even after a change in format, American Idol will never stop force feeding us its sponsorships or the choreographed and poorly lip-synched group numbers. I don't care that the Idol contestants are staying at a house that has a Ford logo on the pool table. And I most certainly don't need to see the contestants prancing around and lip synching on the screen like the cast of "A Chorus Line," just so the Idol producers can fill the hour-long results show and placate the Ford Motor Company.

- Karen Rodriguez's incessant sucking up to J. Lo is starting to annoy the Idol voters. About a half-dozen times in this still-young season, Rodriguez has either sung a J. Lo song, converted a previously English-only song into a bilingual ballad to impress the Latina diva, or sang a song from "Selena," which was the movie that made Lopez a star. Not only did Rodriguez do the latter on Thursday night, she did it dressed in an outfit she said was inspired by Selena and Lopez. Rodriguez's placement in the Bottom 3 was proof that the last thing the Idol voters want is a J. Lo rip-off.

- Yodeling is best left to cough drop commercials. Reinhart performed a fairly spot-on cover of LeAnn Rimes' "Blue." My wife can't stand Reinhart, but even admitted that she nailed the song. But when Reinhart ended up in the bottom, it was clear that Idol viewers weren't impressed with her vocal range and diversity.

- And finally, the only thing that the American Idol voters apparently dislike more than a diva impersonator, like Rodriguez, was Ashthon Jones - an unproven singer, who quit her job to audition for Idol, but talks, acts and performs like she is the second coming of Aretha Franklin. So for you motivational speakers out there: The path to success is paved with confidence, but overconfidence apparently earns you a one-way ticket to the unemployment line. But she did get a good-bye montage set to the tune of David Cook's cover of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" in her honor, so she's got that going for her.

I'll see you next week, when there is sure to be more baffling results and I unveil my Idol Power Rankings.

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