If you listen real hard, you can hear the sound of Pia Toscano's television set crashing through a window.

Yes, just five weeks after the American Idol judges used their only save of the season to keep Casey Abrams, the voters ignored the judges' unapologetic gushing over Abrams and even Jacob Lusk's horrendous performance Wednesday night, to send Abrams packing again.

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And honestly, I think it was a little overdue.

Next to Paul McDonald, Abrams is the Idol contestant who fell the most short of his potential this season.

He was obviously a talented musician and he did have a decent voice - when he didn't growl through the lyrics that is. But Abrams never got out of his own way. He tried too hard to be edgy, and as a result that he became too over the top.

His stage presence consisted of either giving sinister looks into the camera, awkwardly slapping the hands of people in the audience, or forcing uncomfortable kisses onto the cheeks of Idol judges and audience members.

But the judges did nothing but praise him every week since they saved him, which served no other purpose than to justify their own decision to use their save so early.

Well judges? Are you still happy that you used that save so early?

There are still five contestants left, Pia is long gone, and now so is your fuzzy golden boy.

I hope the voting process changes next year, as rumored, to take the final result out of the voters' hands just a little bit. That way, we'd still have Pia and Jacob would be back in Compton singing in the shower.

And I don't think Abrams has much of a shot at being a successful recording artist, unless he does it as a backing musician. There just isn't a unique quality to his voice. Other than his growling, and my beagle does a better job at that when he sees a squirrel in our yard.

Moving on, I think it is an absolute disgrace that Scotty McCreery was in the Bottom 3. He is clearly the contestant with the best voice and most potential left in the competition, but he's in the Bottom 3?

I hope the American Idol viewers listened to Jimmy Iovine tonight when he told the voters (and judges I expect) to stop judging the contestants against themselves and to start judging them against each other.

How many times have we heard this season's useless judges praise one of the weaker contestants because they improved from past weeks? Too many.

How many times has that pointless feedback come back to hurt another contestant who deserved to be in the competition more? I know Pia, too many.

I'm not pleased that Jacob Lusk wasn't eliminated, as I predicted. Even Mr. Iovine hinted that he should go home. But alas, we're going to be forced to here him shriek through at least one more song next week.




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