"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," "Goodbye Norma Jean," and goodbye Naima and Thia.

Naima Adedapo's elimination proved that she picked a bad week to be unique, which is a strange thing considering it was a week the contestants paid homage to the reigning Mr. Idiosyncratic, Sir. Elton John.

Her attempt to turn "I'm Still Standing" into a reggae anthem was a good idea and had a great arrangement, but her vocals were a disaster and the fake Jamaican accent that she used was ridiculous. If she had just gone up there and been herself, she might not have been eliminated.

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But even though she did not make the Top 9, Naima's tale is a "feel-good story" considering she finished much higher than she probably should have and was cleaning toilets to feed her kids only a few months ago.

I went 2-for-3 in my Bottom 3 picks this week. In addition to Naima going home, I predicted that Paul McDonald would also be there but not get eliminated.

But the American Idol voters made it up to me for my lone incorrect predication - that Haley Reinhart would go home - by sending Thia Megia home.

I think Reinhart's performance was worse this week, but Thia is clearly the weaker performer. The fact that Thia was the only contestant Thursday night not to have a solo during the live group numbers and was repeatedly flat when she tried to harmonize with Reinhart and Pia Toscano is proof of that.

I thought Thia had a bigger fan base than Haley, but the 55 million votes that were cast Tuesday night proved that theory wrong.

I am not happy that a seemingly sweet 16-year-old girl will probably cry herself to sleep tonight. But I am very happy to see her eliminated.

A few weeks ago I gave my opinion that I didn't feel Thia was strong enough, in this stage of her life, to compete against some of the other more polished and enjoyable contestants in this year's field.

I called her cover of Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" boring and off-tempo, which it was. I did not make fun of the fact she admittedly didn't know that Chaplin wrote the song or even who he was. I thought it was understandable considering she is only 16 years old. And again because she is just a teenager, I also did not reference her crying after her performance - which by all accounts, even her own, was a disappointment.

I just said was that I gave the American Idol voters too much credit for thinking they would have voted her off because she was the weakest performer of the week. I said that I feared that she would be this season's Tim Urban or Sanjaya, who advanced on votes, rather than talent. Oh... and for effect I also might have said something about how she wouldn't be the best singer in a room by herself.

For my opinion, I have been repeatedly called "racist" and "biased" by fans of Thia, from literally around the world, ever since. (And that was only the stuff fit for print). I've even had multiple people either comment under the blog or e-mail me telling me that I was biased against ANYONE who wasn't "a pure American."

What is strange - I was much more harsh and relentless on Tim Urban (a white male from Texas) last year. I actually wrote that I wanted to see him get punched in the face after one of his performances.

You can criticize me or my opinions as much as you like - I completely welcome it. As you can see, I did not remove any of the negative comments posted about me under the blog. But I find it sad that someone who appears as genuinely sweet as Thia Megia had some of her fans supporting her in such a disappointing fashion.

The bottom line is, Megia's voice reminds me of listening to someone tuning a guitar. Once she hits her note, she does have a nice, sweet tone that she is able to sustain. But it is like nails on a chalkboard waiting for her to get there. That is why she had trouble staying in rhythm with her backing music at times this season, she takes too long to find the notes she wants to sing and by the time she does, she has to rush the pronunciation of the first few words of a verse. This is also why she did her best this season on slower songs and a cappella.

With a few more years of training and performing under her belt, she could be a great singer. But this year - against seasoned performers in their 20's - I think she was still too green. And unfortunately I think that the reduction of the age limit that enabled her to audition early for Idol this year, actually hurt her career.

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