I wish I had some exciting story to tell you about some amazing place I went to this weekend - but sadly, no. Even though it wasn’t a happy weekend, it was an extended one (which lets face it - makes this all a little bit better).

The story begins on Thursday night with me, a run to the bathroom, and what I think was bacon from dinner that night. Did I catch the mild head cold all the other exchange students seem to get? Nooo, mine was virus - something like the flu. The worst part wasn’t even the nausea or the dizziness; it was that the homesickness, that I had happily not caught wind of yet, came on full force.

However, once the weekend was over and I went back to school, I didn’t miss home so much. I guess my new friends here keep me pretty preoccupied. Everything is back to normal - well as normal as school in Spain can be for somebody who doesn’t speak Spanish.

So, after a night spent with my head in the toilet and three days in bed I’ve come to a conclusion: being sick in a foreign country is horrible! However, my host dad and housekeeper came to their own: it’s all because I didn’t wear slippers.